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Production Team: Dorothy Fadiman, Katie Peterson, Matthew Luotto, Daniel Meyers, Beth Seltzer, Danielle Renfrew, Kristin Atwell, Danny McGuire

Camera: Daniel Meyers, Blake McHugh

Editing: Daniel Meyers, Nila Bogue, Mika Ferris

Music: Erika Luckett

Post-Production Audio: Dave Nelson (Outpost)

Graphic Artist: Peter Girard

Image of three women (right): Bettye Lane

Produced with: KTEH-TV (PBS)


Production Team: Robert J. King, Rocio Cordoba, Lourdes A. Rivera and Raquel Donoso

Introduced by: Dolores Huerta

Voiceovers: Rene Navarro, Sharon Alsina

Recording: Eric Michael Cap, Goldstreet Entertainment

Translation: Transcend, Lillian Rosa Valdes, Carmen Aligeri

With special thanks to: Kathy Kneer

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