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What characterizes these films, from beginning to end, is compassion. Beautifully made, thoughtfully structured, brilliantly narrated...
    Senior Librarian - Film Division, Library of Congress

Breathtaking stories and powerful, poignant images show us that in spite of its frailty, the goodness of the human spirit can prevail. This body of work is a major achievement and an historic gift to all Americans who treasure liberty.
    Tanya Melich - Author, The Republican War Against Women

These chilling documentaries are strong preventive medicine for our society. Most of us have forgotten or were never aware of the tragic health consequences of illegal abortions.
    Regional Director for Patient Education and Health Promotion - Kaiser-Permanente

Affectingly related stories...etch the climate of fear, pain, and reprisal that permeates a society outlawing abortion. A poignant production.

I asked the board to view the DVD at our last meeting. It was a powerful experience for everyone, and...several of our board members are now contemplating house parties! The film is such a powerful tool and effective way to get the message out there...Again, thanks for your great work.
    Wendy Frosh - Board member of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

This documentary series belongs in the lending library of every institution committed to social justice.
    Program Director - National Women's History Project

The films in this series allow those who lived the history of abortion, in all its social, political, and psychological complexity, to tell their own stories.
    San Francisco Bay Guardian

I was so involved with my family and so secure in my own life; the problems of the world were too big and far removed for me to think about. This film shook me out of my complacency and turned me into an activist for women’s rights.
    Karen Grove - Mother of four

We had our annual Planned Parenthood Board retreat and…I was advocating for showing the film. There was complete silence afterwards and also a sense that we were doing something really important! You continue to have a big effect and there are those of us out here that are collaborating with you to spread the message!
    Marc Heller, M.D. - Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson

I am a male medical student at a very conservative medical school. I am extremely thankful for films such as this because it reminds me why I wanted to be a physician — as long as I am alive, women will always have the freedom of choice. This film and the stories with-in are my motivation and truly keep me going.
    Derek C. Harman, MS III - Medical student

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