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Submitting Motherhood by Choice or the trilogy to your local TV station is a multi-step project that has the power to reach beyond the pro-choice community. Local TV enables concerned citizens who might not otherwise hear of a screening to watch the film in the comfort of their own homes.

To submit the film for broadcast by your local station:

  1. Find your local Community Media station.

  2. Submit the program. Call the station and tell them that you have a documentary film to submit for playback. Station guidelines for obtaining TV airtime vary, but most community media stations are prepared to broadcast any program submitted by a member of the community.

  3. Check the format needed and deliver the DVD or videotape [NOTE: the trilogy is not available on DVD].

  4. Confirm the broadcast date(s) and spread the word. Take a look at our resource kit to find a sample press release and other materials you'll find helpful in publicizing the broadcast.

  5. Hold a viewing party on the night of the broadcast!

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